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The Black Sheep Society is the safe, supportive space for women of color to connect and create community as we design our alternative lifestyles, take risks, take charge and ultimately leaving a new legacy for the generations of young girls that follow behind us. 

With the rise of popularity around personal development and entrepreneurship, we realized that safe space for conversation was needed for women of color that are following their passions to build businesses and lifestyles the defy the norm. Here we get real about the joys, challenges (and everything in between) that come with charting your own course.



Celebrating unconventional lifestyles, working for yourself, and redefining the "american dream" from the perspective of people of color (POC).

As children of immigrants, our families defined "making it" as landing that dreary corporate gig and working there until old and gray. This podcast is meant to highlight, celebrate and support those who want to redefine that for ourselves and our children.

As the "black sheep" of our families, we crave success on our own terms, in spite of how scary it might be.

Being a black sheep means creating your own herd - walking away from what doesn't work, and always being true to who you are on the in and the outside.

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