Black Sheep is a podcast for the 'brown and in charge' powerhouse women brought to you by Nicole Letelier a NYC based entrepreneur living the Black Sheep dream.

Following your passion, finding purpose, standing in the light and shining bright, you have always done things just a bit different than your friends and family. Stood out a bit as a child who grew into an adult that didn't fit into the mold she had been nurtured in. Perhaps you tried the career path they wanted for you but it just didn't fit. Or maybe you always knew there was an unconventional road for you to follow including wild hair styles, cuts, and fashions, multiple career changes, moves to different cities and countries (both in your dreams and actually accomplished). Perhaps working for someone else and being at the office at 9am just 'cause it's what we do just felt wrong even when you didn't know what else felt right. 

Through out it all you remained fierce and strong, going for it full force, figuring it out as you went along. But sometimes it was/is hard. You felt alone on the journey and wanted to know more folks like you. And after attending enough workshops, conferences or events, where the color of your skin, your ethnicity, hair, accent etc. made you stand out; after being one of six people of color on the 17th floor of the corporation; after having to explain over and over again why that is racist, you started searching for spaces to convene, recharge and connect with others women of color like you. The Black Sheeps who do it different, call it like it is and won't stand for the way things are. That woman who owns her right to design her life celebrating her brown skin but not being defined or contained by it either. Welcome.


Meet Your Host Nicole Letelier!  

Hailing from uptown Manhattan, a chili-rican (dad from Chile mom from Puerto Rico) Nicole runs Do Good Living helping women with big dreams to change the world, launch brands, businesses, and communities that give back in big ways. Her own do-good efforts include launching and managing The Heckscher Scholars Program where she supports first generation teenagers as they navigate high school and the college process as the first in their families to attend college.