Hey there!

We are so pumped to have you on the show! As we value efficiency and not wasting time we put everything we think you should know/prep prior, in one spot.

While we don't encourage the use of profanity sometimes you need the emphasis so please do not feel you need to edit yourself. 

Our overall goal is to have a really great conversation with you, share you and your work with our listeners, and leverage you story/expertise to dive deeper into that week's topic. 

re: In Person Interviews

If you are joining us in-person please come to our offices at 99 Madison Avenue, 5th Floor at the time we confirmed via email prior.

re: Phone Interviews

If you will be calling in here is a list of things to help make the audio quality a little better and help reduce unwanted noises on your end during the Skype call. We will not be using video, so no worries on looking fly :)

  • Use headphones (e.g. your MP3 player’s ear-buds) instead of your computer’s speakers so your microphone doesn’t pick up an echo of the interviewer’s voice

  • Mute your cell-phone

  • Close all programs on your computer that make sounds, e.g. email, Facebook etc.

  • In your Skype settings click the “Mute all sounds” button on the “Sounds” tab to eliminate Skype sounds from the podcast

  • Close external windows and doors to minimize noises from outside

  • Ask anyone in the office/apt/house to be quiet while you’re being interviewed

  • Switch off TVs, radios and stereos, or turn their sound down

  • Switch off noisy air-conditioning or fans

  • Don’t fidget: eliminate chair noises, table kicks, pen clicks, paper rustling etc.

  • Use a room with soft furnishings rather than an echoey room like a kitchen

  • Close the curtains / drapes in your room as this helps to reduce echoes

  • Don’t touch your microphone during the interview

FOR EVERYONE!!! re: Interview Flow/Format

Each of our guests are invited to jam on a predetermined topic related to Black Sheep living and working. While we will focus on that topic you can expect the following format for each show. More than anything we want it to be natural conversation.

  • We will welcome you to the show

  • Ask that you intro yourself including name, what city/hood your represent, how you get paid, and anything else that makes you, you! 

  • Hosts will introduce topic and we will begin interview/conversation/jam on that week's topic

  • We ask every guest the same Black Sheep questions we asked each other on Episode 1 and ask that you prepare answers for:

 - Do your parents/family know what you do to get paid? How do they describe what you do? 

-  What is the first or the most memorable moment when you realized you were different from your family or friends? When did you know you were a Black Sheep? Here is how we define Black Sheep.

  • [If we have time] Round up ( you get to share up to 3 books, blogs, website, podcasts, communities or tangible things that helped you on your Black Sheep journey that may inspire someone else)
  • Wrap up

Although you have an idea of the format, it is not intended to be scripted by any means.  We will go over any questions you have before the interview and chat again briefly when it’s over for our listeners, so don’t hang up when we give our goodbyes.

We will need a high quality image of either yourself and all your social media handles that you can send to hello@liveblacksheep.com

For a cool way to engage our listeners and really drive success for you and your brand from this interview we suggest cross promoting on social media - we can be found on Instagram @liveblacksheep on Instagram + Twitter  and here on Facebook. We will give you a head's up when we know the exact air date and do a series of promotion on our end as well.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this. As always email us hello@liveblacksheep.com with any follow up questions.


Nicole and Jessica