Launch and Love Your Podcast!

Lady it's time. We know your podcast is inside you bursting to get out. It's time to unleash your voice to the world. Yes, it's true what you may heard, launching a podcast is a lot of work. But it doesn't have to be to so hard if you do your work in advance and get it right at the start. Wherever you may be on your podcast journey we can help. 


Here is how we work with women to launch their podcasts:


Launch My Podcast

Get clarity on your show - concept, audience, format, branding + marketing. Absolute clarity for a smooth + seamless launch. 


Love Your Podcast Art

Professionally designed branding +  cover art to launch in style. 


Not a woman of color but you like our vibe and want to work with us? No problem. While we don't work exclusively with women of color, we are committed to doing our part to increase the presence of women of color helmed podcasts. 

Not quite ready to work with us, but want access to our free podcast launch trainings and worksheets?