We are always reinventing and rediscovering new passions and desires.

We value time above all else. 

We seek to get paid to do good work but not loose ourselves in the work.

We have big dreams and detailed to do lists (most of the time :).

Community is key. Without our tribes we are not as strong.

Keepin' it real is key.

We are always, present, real + raw.  Creating in the moment, (in life + in our work). 

Great design and good food are also keys to a "good life".

We own our brown skin, diverse backgrounds and ethnicity with pride.

We support everyone's choice to love who they wish. 

We do not fear asking for help. We know there is power in knowing how far we can go alone and how much farther we can go with support.

We question and challenge the status quo.


We work really hard to not let fear stop us. But when it gets hard we seek out help (see above) from our tribe (see even further above).

We love, love, love women. Men are cool too but we LOVE women! 

Travel runs through our veins. 

Family matters to us. Both those we were born into and those we choose to build our lives with.

We don't follow a straight path towards success. We describe success as enjoying the journey as we navigate our zip zagging road.




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