Episode 18: The Importance of Allies w/ Leora Edut

We had two special guests this week – Leora Edut, founder of Goddess on the Go http://goddess-onthego.com/ and mother to 15-month-old Cariel.  As a working momma we invited Leora on the show along with Cariel. There will be background sound but nothing says Black Sheep like recording with your kid. #workingmomhustle

This week we tried something different. Nicole was visiting family in Denver; Jes was in JPD offices and our guest Leora was home in Long Island City.

Although we aim to showcase women of color on the podcast practicing what we preached a few episodes ago, we decided to bring on a white ally for a conversation on embracing diversity and raising biracial kids, while also taking about the importance of sisterhood in our lives.

Highlights include:

·         In episode we talked about the importance of white allies and raising children of color.

·         Leora talks to us about Goddess on the Go – a women’s movement bringing together women of all ages, races, and social economic backgrounds to experience what sisterhood really is. Goddess on the Go is a quarterly event (Detroit, LA, NYC) full day with movement, ritual, learning tools to take on the go and apply into everyday life.

·         Leora tells us, growth happens when we get together in sisterhood b/c  as one person we can only hold so much for ourselves.

·         We talk about Leora’s childhood in Detroit where she was exposed to various races and ethnicities. “Diversity is a great place of learning for people. You can learn the most from people that look the least like you” – Leora

·         We explore the experience of a white woman raising a biracial child and raising conscious children regardless of race or ethnicity. Nicole shares about her experiences as a mother and the, “constant evaluation of what is being consumed by my child.”

·         We talk about the importance and need for white mothers to be just as horrified about the injustices that occur against children of color and taking action to change this.

·         We asked Leora to speak on her experiences as a white Israeli woman raising a biracial child with her black male partner.  

·         She shares that, “change must happen with each of us, standing up and using our voices, not pulling the wool over our eyes.”

·         Leroa shares that, “Fear is a motherfucker, it can be the thing that really divides us from getting to know one another.” But that we all must, especially white allies stand up to injustices and to say something when white privilege is occurring. “We can do it with knowledge, we can do it with love but we need to do it,” Leora tells us.

·         She challenges everyone to, “Get out of your bubble and go see what it is like in other people’s communities – you will see the humanness that is in each one of us and you will look past the color and see into the hearts of people”. And maybe all the things that you may have been scared of that media has perpetuated, isn’t true, and maybe you will have an eye opening experience. And for the mothers and fathers, include your children in this journey to give that gift to your child as well.

·         “Get your children immersed into other peoples culture, get out of your bubble, you will be amazed at not only the value, but the jewels, the gift of life that come with that. It’s priceless to connect with people that you would normally not connect with.”  -  Leora Edut

Mentioned in this episode:

Doll Test – In the 1940s, psychologists Kenneth and Mamie Clark designed and conducted a series of experiments known colloquially as “the doll tests” to study the psychological effects of segregation on African-American children. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkpUyB2xgTM

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