Episode 16: Going for Your Dreams…Smartly


This week we welcomed coach and creative, Ariane Hunter to the show for a conversation about going for your dreams. She shares her journey from MBA + corporate employee, to fulltime photographer, to one-on-one life coach at www.arianehunter.com and now founder of http://www.shewentforherdreams.com/

In this episode Nicole, Jes and Ariane shared their journeys - the joys + challenges - of taking their leaps of reinvention – from corporate marketer to non profit employee, from fulltime employee to entrepreneur, from creative to coach.

For this episode we asked Ariane to share some coaching tips for someone with a dream for change and added a few of our own! Whether you want a new job, a new career or new services for your biz, we created a place to start in our free worksheet. Download it at www.liveblacksheep.com/freebie-dreams

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Highlights include:

  • A conversation on how to allow the creative + entrepreneurial callings we have as Black Sheeps to guide us.
  • The challenge of telling your family + friends when you want to take the leap and work for yourself, quit a lucrative job and go for your dreams.
  • How when you leap, it’s not only a journey for you but for those around you who when seeing you go for your dreams feel they have been given permission to also go for their dreams. Your journey becomes a starting off point for them to start reflecting on their dreams.
  • “When you are the mirror for your family and friends you show them what is possible through your dreams.”
  • We talk about the need to protect your dreams, “when embarking on the dream be protective about who you share that with.” Doing something different can make others fearful and you need to surround yourself with the right people who will encourage and support. (More in Resources below)
  • We talk about the responsibility of women of color to leave a legacy and chart new paths for our younger women, as well as honoring the sacrifices of the older generation of Black Sheeps that gave us the freedom we have to go for our dreams.
  • The isolation of working with for yourself at times and the power of community
  • We talk about how going for you dreams can take different forms. It isn’t only for entrepreneurs. “It might be sharing your ideas at the board room.”

Ariane is an example of her own project #SheWentforHerDreams. She takes us through her journey, the feelings, the moment of clarity, and the plan of action she took in creating her new venture that takes the passion she has for coaching her clients 1-1 on launching their dreams to form a space for community gatherings, workshops and group accountability to work through ideas as you start the journey towards going for your dreams.

The first year of the project was visual and storytelling to tell the stories of women going for their dreams. Then she launched the offerings for the community. A true example of how going slow along a clear plan can yield tremendous return and rewards. She is now launching her first Symposium on the Fear of Failure October 15th in NYC – http://bit.ly/2dpJ31b

We talk about the fact that because dreams are so intangible it is hard to discuss them. “What do you dream about is a powerful question that can provoke thoughts. Our dreams call us to the ways in which we need to grow the most” – Ariane Hunter

What are the tools do we recommend for going after your dream?

A coach - A coach is designed to create a safe space for you to dream and help co-create, guide and encourage your action plan.

A mastermind – a group working towards their dreams to support, challenge and hold accountable. Set meetings and weekly/biweekly/monthly reports keep momentum going.

Accountability partner – if a group seems too much a one-on-one partner you text, email or call with each week to keep you motivated and not isolated.

A community who inspires – This could take the form of a mastermind but can also just be a 1x meet up, or  FB group in or outside of your field.

The good news is #LiveBlackSheep can help. Join our FB Group to connect with other Black Sheeps today! And download our free worksheet to get started at http://liveblacksheep.com/freebie-dreams

You can learn more about Ariane at http://www.shewentforherdreams.com/ and connect with her on Instagram

We loved these quotes from Ariane’s visit and know you will too!

“I had a hunger, a calling, that pulled me into this path of who am I? What do I want to contribute to this world? - Ariane Hunter

“Seeing the world in a very unique way, my way.” - Ariane Hunter

“I feel like dreams get a bad rap.” - Ariane Hunter

If you give ten people a camera, and the same water bottle to shoot, you are going to get ten different photos and I think that there is something unique and special about that.” Ariane Hunter

“If there is something you are called to do you have a responsibility to explore that.” - Ariane Hunter

“Our dreams call us to the ways in which we need to grow the most. It is a courageous act to embark on the journey of going for your dreams.” – Ariane Hunter

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