Episode 20: Being Seen with Danielle Fontus


Welcome Black Sheep! Today we are talking about being seen. There’s no one better to have this discussion with than Dani Dares. She’s an event concierge and does she ever make an impression! She’s constantly in search of a one way ticket to a fascinating destination. 

Nicole got very clear about “being seen” this week. She didn’t realize how much she struggled with being seen until she stopped and thought about it. There’s something to be said for surrounding yourself with people who are actively doing what you aspire to. With a new year on the horizon, Nicole is determining to make strides toward being comfortable being seen. It’s a brain switch that she is committed to making.

Jessica also shares how she had struggled with the branding for her design firm (JPD Studio). There was some emotional attachment, and let’s be real - some baggage! So she set a date and made it happen, even though she was hesitant!

Dani has to make a conscious decision to be seen on social media. In this episode, she made a confession about being a very shy only child. She cried and had panic attacks all the way through high school when she was called on for anything. College and waitressing helped her learn how to talk to anyone. She’s not going to not do something because she’s scared of being seen. Don’t you think if Danielle can do it, you can too?

Is being seen and being heard different? Well, we have our own opinions about it and we aren’t necessarily all on the same page. Some people with big brands are introverts, and it’s interesting to see how it plays into how people actually connect with the messages we are putting out.

Fear causes us to do a lot of things. It causes us to doubt ourselves. It caused Dani to edit herself and not pursue what she wanted to do. She shares a story about her personal battle to be Miss Harlem Shake - eventually she just went for it, even though there was stiff competition from highly qualified contestants. Each morning was an exercise in doubting herself. She would pep-talk herself all day long and take action. The next morning, she embraced the doubts and went for it anyway. If you really want something, you have to keep going.

Personal posts on Facebook always get the most attention and reaction on Facebook. Showing others what you are struggling with somehow endears you to others. Getting a following around your cause involves just being YOU!

“I meditate in the morning and work at a place that’s completely night life!” - Danielle Fontus

Don’t miss this honest discussion around how we are “seen” by the world and how we show up in the world. From being vulnerable on social media, to curating the content you present to the world, it’s all a balancing act that we all struggle with. Being seen can happen with actions both big and small - from wearing a bold lipstick to planning a big event. All contribute to your visibility in the world.

Danielle shares her journey to personally branding She Dares as her own and how that will affect the next phase of her journey.  She’s determined not to let any of her fear and insecurity hold her back from accomplishing everything she wants. She’s putting her intention out and walking into it!

Finding others who have similar visibility and intentions to be visible can help you get where you want much faster than you could on your own. You need the “go hard” friend that will keep you on your toes and pushes you to “get your ticket” too!

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