Episode 1: What's a Black Sheep?


Our first episode yah! In this episode we...

Introduce ourselves and our work...

...two entrepreneurs from The City! Yes New York City. 

We played a bit in the first episode we tested our sound.  Key personal take aways!

Nicole is verbose. Jes is not :)
Jes is a #boss #leader
We share a mutual experience as first generation children who don't always get idioms or expressions and sometimes have a hard time pronouncing certain words because we were raised bilingual (Nicole) or spoke spanish first (Jes).

Trying to get your family to understand that when you work remotely at a coffee shop or at home you are actually "working". 

We share how Black Sheep was birthed. 

Nicole she was "called' to create a space for women of color who aspire to or are currently designing a lifestyle that lets you do work that is meaningful and that you are proud of, in a manner that works for the personal and professional lifestyle you want.

  • For Jes that means being boss running a five person team of all women.
  • For Nicole that means freelancing and running a solo consulting practice that allows her to adjust how much she works around the needs of her family and desired income.

We ask our Black Sheep questions:

1) Does your family know what you do to get paid? How would they describe it? 

The answer is NO!  But they talk around it....When she started her career Jes' mom and family in Columbia said she worked with "computers' and now she runs a "company". Doing what? Doesn't matter! She runs a "company" and that is awesome. When Nicole started her career in magazine publishing at Entertainment Weekly her dad told her family in Chile she worked for Time Magazine because she worked for Time Inc. and who knew what Entertainment Weekly is and now that she coaches high school students she is a "teacher" despite not working in a school.

2) What is the first/most memorable moment when you realized you were different than your family/friends? When did you know you were a Black Sheep?
In high school Nicole knew she wanted to choice for her life. The freedom to change careers, try new things and always travel. Starting at age eighteen she made choices to ensure the groundwork was laid for that type of lifestyle.

3) When was the first time you felt "other" or were aware you were "brown"?
As a child Nicole's parents worked hard to put Nicole into education spaces that were intentionally diverse and inclusive and did not have a racial majority. Fast forward at age eighteen she went to college and for the first time felt like an "minority'. 
Until 8th grade Jes attended schools that were predominately latino and black. When she went to high school she was placed in an all white school and for the first time she felt like "other"  no longer in a community of other children of color like herself. 

Coaching for Listeners:
This week we are empowering the herd to own your story! Allow yourself to connect with the moment that you felt you were a little different - not in a bad way - but in a positive way and celebrate what makes you awesome!

Celebrate your differences  - your Black Sheepness and then share with us in the FB group!

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