Episode 4: Eat in Chef cofounder and CEO Ara Galarza


Our chat with Ara was enlightening. I am still pondering the fact that the average years of experience for a chef on Eat in Chef is 10 years! In their most recent expansion city they had over 400 chefs apply of which only 25 will be accepted! If you had any questions about the level of expertise and experience you can expect using this platform I think those stats alone put any doubts to rest.

Highlights from our chat:

  • The power of food for optimal health, joy and wellness. 
  • Using tech as a way to support people to eat better so they can start living better by eating better. 
  • The ah ha moment - "I got it! On demand chefs, bring the source to those who want to eat better. Let's create something that is going to make a difference in people's lives."
    The sad stats are that less than 50% of chefs are cooking after 5 years of graduating culinary school. That is 60k investment people! Whoa. Ara and her partner are disrupting this. 
  • Ara's passion for supporting the Farm to Table movement. She shed light on the failings to factor in all people involved in the food preparation pipeline including chefs and small farmers who may not be able to afford to label their food organic but have the right practices for healthy, natural food that is good for us. 
  • The minimum requirement to be a chef on the site is 7 years!!
  • Ara's Self Care Philosophy that drives the growth of Eat in Chef: 1) "what you put in your body does impact how you feel, 2) Eating well brings you closer to the key to happiness," 3) "taking care of yourself and taking care of your health will put you in a good mood."
  • That the role of the chefs on Eat in Che are not just to cook food, but to cultivate a culinary experience. They need to be able to speak to the ingredients they are purchasing and cooking for us, the consumer! It's not just a personal chef experience but a food education experience as well! Come on people. Sign up today! 

Fun facts about Ara! 

  • Ara and her co founder met as roommates in Jamaica, Queens.
  • The seeds of idea were born in the East NY, Brooklyn while living with her aunt who tended a community garden and educated local community members on eating well. 
  • We learned that Ara's passion for doing good and a drive to do big things with her life has been present since she was young.
  • Ara is a serial entrepreneur since she was 12 years old she has been running businesses. 
  • She has a solid business background but knew she had to trust the calling and the drive that brought her to NYC to pursue her truth.  She came here on a risk to find what she was supposed to do.
  • We loved her humbleness in openly sharing that "I have failed alot," and we agreed that is part of entrepreneurship!
  • There was a different biz idea on the table when the ah ha moment called her and her partner to to pivot and launch Eat In Chef , "...a secure community of local affordable chefs...It was like finding love in the produce aisle." 

Get connected!

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What is next for Eat in Chef? 
Education - already part of the platform for chefs but going deeper on education for chefs and consumers....
...and you heard it first... London in 2017!