Episode 5: Owning Your Creative Self with Desi Sanchez


This week we welcomed creative entrepreneur Desi Sanchez to join us for an intimate and revealing conversation about owning your creativity and following the road less traveled as a young black sheep who dreamed of being an artist. 

Desi's story was powerful. She was honest and real in sharing her story about the joys and challenges of owning her dream to study art and design a life supporting herself as a creative. As a child of doctors this choice made her black sheep in her family and led her down a path that was filled with hardships and triumphs. As a child Desi saw herself as an artist selling her paintings. From a young age she never saw herself working for anyone and never let the dream go. She is inspiring and motivating for all creatives or anyone with a big dream!

We talked about:

  • The tension between following your passions and disappointing those who love you and don't support your dreams
  • Reaching the point when you can't work for someone else and turning to entrepreneurship as a creative
  • How even in creativity we teach our kids at a young age to separate the masculine vs the feminine
  • How "ignorance is bliss" has allowed the flow of successful creative pursuits
  • That your mind is your biggest obstacle - when you think something is going to be hard it is. For Desi everything from MTV Veejaying, to running her own graphic design business, to supporting herself financially through college flowed easily, but her dream of selling her art which she has thought of as "hard' as been the most challenging of all her creative pursuits
  • Confidence is so key - walking into the room owning your worth and value, with a mindset that this course of action is the right one will allow you do anything easier e.g., selling your services, your art and skills!
  • Where does the confidence come from? Un-attaching (is that a word?! : ) from the outcome and the label associated with getting what you desire and moving forward with achieving it.   FREE COACHING FOR LISTENERS! Sign up for our newsletter to download a free guided visualization on letting of attachment - www.blacksheeppodcast.com
  • Desi shared the power of art to develop the brain.  She gave us tips to help us reimagine "drawing" by letting go of styled drawing and allowing ourselves to create art without constraints (see below for her free tutorial!)
  • Nicole talked about how creativity manifested in her life as a self identified non-creative using her patchwork career process of designing a career across industries/sectors as a means for bringing creativity into a career working for someone else thus allowing ourselves to love the work we do regardless of where or for whom we do it
  • Desi's point of view is that "creative is a human trait". Some of us are encouraged to follow it and others are stifled.  Which are you? What some help, sign up to join our Black Sheep Society https://www.facebook.com/groups/iamblacksheep/

Ready to up the creativity in your life? 

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