Episode 7: The Business of Self Care

One of the goals of this podcast and supporting community is to showcase various models of entrepreneurship and give you the behind the scenes on what it looks like to run these different types of businesses. This week we were excited to explore the subscription box model with Tara Jefferson Pringle the founder and Chief Curator of The Bloom Beautifully Box.

After putting out a call to find a woman of color running a subscription box business, Tara was sent our way. She gives us the scoop on starting and running this type of business while also sharing her entrepreneurial journey as a young mother which began with a blog. 

Highlights include:

  •  Tara is a valued based entrepreneur
  •  How to launch fast.  The self care box was dreamed of end of 2015 and launched in early 2016!
  •  The behind the scenes of running a subscriptions box bix, here favorite part? Tara gets to go shopping to find amazing items to put in her her boxes
  •  Tara is always thinking about ensuring that our investment as customers is paramount when she is curating the items for each box
  •  Why music is a key component to the creation process
  •  Despite appearing complicated, once the items are curated, the running of a subscription box business entails many similar e-commerce duties like other online businesses
  •  The Bloom Beautifully box is not just a box but also a community of women dedicated to having, "peace of mind... a life that is fulfilling that makes us feel good about ourselves."
  •  Other perks of membership? You get a discount on the annual self care retreat, invite to private Facebook group and giveaways! Nicole and Jes love the intention behind the box. Not just something you purchase a thing but rather entrance into a community
  •  Why did she launch this type of business? 
  •  Prior she was running The Young Mommy Life  for seven years
  •  During her time actively running this site, she found that, "women tend to parent like they had something to prove," which led to these mothers neglecting themselves . Pouring more and more of themselves into their children. They did not want to be seen and failures or inadequate mothers, which while noble, meant that taking care of themselves was pushed aside. 
  •  She wanted to bring to light the message that talking care of ourselves as women is just as important as taking care of our children
  •  Tara shares the inspiration behind her first biz The Young Mommy Life addressing the need for community for the in between mom, not teen moms nor 30 something moms. She felt it was missing so she created it!
  • What we loved about Tara was how she allows her life changes to help guide her business creation following her values and what she saw as a need to launch a self care box for women.

If you are interested in upping your self care you sign up at www.theselfcarebox.com and enter code ‘Welcome’ for 15% off. 

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