Episode 8: The "Power of We" with Gaby Guzman and Nadia Payan

When Jes and Nicole went to Miami end of April with the #BeingBoss gals we didn't know that a new "we" would be born. We fell in love with the warm sun and warm hospitality of Miami based creative entrepreneurs Gaby Guzman ofwww.thejupitercicle.com and Nadia Payan of www.nadiapayan.com. 

When we decided to continue our conversation on the power of collaboration and partnering we thought no one would be better to join us than Gaby and Nadia who over the past 18 months have seen the power of we explode across their lives as they developed a new friendship, new co-working space, and new business.

Highlights include:

  • The amazing story of how these two ladies met 2x in one day and what came next!
  • How a down home Internet forced Nadia to a coffee shop where she met their third biz partner
  • Taking risks and going for it, signing leases, moving states and saying yes before you are ready!
  • The importance of listening to your intuition when partnering
  • Seeking out ways to collaborate that are purely based on a shared passion and love for fun not for financial gain
  • Brand pillars, what are they and how are they useful when leveraging the power of we
  • Gaby and Nadia answer our Black Sheep questions, "how does your family describe what you do," and "which member of TLC do you most embody?
  • Connect with Gaby and Nadia on Instsgram their fave place to do social



...and if you are in Miami at #TheCreativeGirls HQ http://thecreativegirls.com/

And stay tuned whose knows when we might do a Miami Meet up Black Sheep Style with #TheCreativeGirls

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