EPISODE 9: Owning Your Values + Beliefs, Taking a Stand and Keepin’ It Real

In this episode we talk about A LOT. The theme was owning our values and taking a stand for what we believe in. It was the first episode with just the two of us in a few weeks so we covered a lot.

Highlights include: 

  • We are working on ways to support connections between community members including monthly groups calls starting soon. Sign up atwww.livingblacksheep.com to find out the date of the next call

  • A mini rant and a conversation about forming allies
  • Let us support you - need some tech advice? Email Jes for her insights to:theblacksheeppodcast@gmail.com
  • Coming this fall is a buyers guide to help you use your dollars to support and invest in women of color owned businesses and projects! Want to be featured? Hit us up on social media @liveblacksheep or email us!
  • Supporting indie podcasters – The Messengers a Podcast Documentary needs our support! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-messengers-a-podcast-documentary
  • Some Black Sheep Podcast news – we are going to have seasons of the podcast and want to hear from you about topics or suggestions of women to interview for season 1
  • We had a launch event – we recorded live and brought some of the fun to the show!
  • …and most important… a tremendous amount of gratitude to our listeners – you tuning in each week means so much to us!!

Want to be on our first group chat? Sign up to learn more at www.livingblacksheep.com

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