Episode 10: Bringing the 'Woo' with Yolanda Shoshana

Early on we mentioned we were going to bring some woo woo to the Podcast. What do we mean by woo woo? Energy work, psychics, angels, spirits and more!

For this conversation we invited witch + clairvoyant Yolanda Shoshana onto the show to give us a live reading.  We opened up, got vulnerable, hit record and let you in on our personal reading.  

Highlights include:

  • Who is Yolanda Shoshana? She is a witch, tantra guru lifestyle expert, wine concierge, and writer that helps women thrive, celebrate life, and own their magick.  Her tantric approach to self-help appeals to women around the world. 

  • Her goal main goal is to help women live empowering lives so of course she was a natural person to bring on the show to help us find ways to do the same for our community!

  • We talk about trusting ourselves, control and timing and planning. Yolanda Shoshana digs deep to help Nicole explore the fear around trusting herself and explore issues around vulnerability. 

  • Nicole bares all and shares what is challenging her around her spiritual practice, her need to control. The shock of loving motherhood as much as she does. 

  • Yolanda Shoshana gives Nicole and anyone who is struggling with a spiritual practice or taking time for "me" some sage advice and inspiration.

  • Yolanda talks to us about 'cords' of energy that clairvoyants can see attached to us. 

  • We talk about the power of numbers to guide us if Angels aren't your thing. Jes shares the powerful numbers that help her feel supported and guide her decision making.

  • Yolanda Shoshana helped us plan our fall calendar and community offerings. Last week you heard us talk about how we are launching our first monthly community call. This week we get the clarity we needed to share that while our group trip to Paris is being put on hold till 2017, we are launching our first mastermind for community members this fall in early October going for ten weeks through mid December. What's a mastermind? This mastermind will be small, only six women and is by application. Sign up to be notified about the application release in early September by visiting: www.livingblacksheep.com

  • In addition to her spiritual work Yolanda Shoshana is a connoisseur of wine and spirits. You can listen to her podcast "Witch on Wine" to learn more.

  • What is Yolanda Shoshana up to next?  Well, very soon she will re-release her Magikal Aromatherapy tantric line as well as debut a new line new of essential oils to wear or burn while drinking your spirits. 

  • In addition, she is launching a special reading for mothers soon as well! Trying to get pregnant or need some support right after the baby arrives? Find her new offering online at www.yolandashoshana.com

  • If astrology is your thing (we love it!) check out episode 12 of her podcast for a great episode on Wine + Astrology!

  • Other fun tid bits! We introduce you to "Ramon" our mascot. A small white ram whose presence was gifted to us the first time we recorded and is with us every time we record!

If you want to work with Yolanda Shoshana visit her site:www.yolandashoshana.com  and follow her awesome Instagram channel

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