Episode 21: Maintaining Motivation + Momentum


This week we talk about motivation and momentum and what we each need to maintain both. 

Topics we explore include:

  • What is the difference between motivation and momentum?
  • The importance of values-based motivation + doing work that is meaningful
  • The importance of growth and education + learning in maintaining momentum

Coaching Corner
In this episode we asked you to consider the following questions to help with motivation and momentum, especially when either (or both!) are stalled: 

  • What am I learning from this process? (as easy or hard as the task or project at hand is)
  • How I am growing? (personally or professionally)
  • What can I say I now know that I can apply to a future project or endeavor?

What motivates you or enables you to keep up momentum? Send us an email at hello@liveblacksheep.com and we will feature your response in an upcoming episode!

Part of maintaining momentum for Nicole was finding tools and software that can support her to maintain the flow of work. When she gets bogged down doing work that doesn't inspire her she can loose motivation which in turn affects the momentum of her projects. Sound like you?  

One of the biggest hurdles you might have heard her discuss in Episode 20: "Being Seen"- was maintaining a presence on social media. Doing it manually was causing a bottleneck.

Enter one of her new favorite tools - CoSchedule, an all-in-one content marketing editorial calendar solution that lets her plan out all of her social media posts ahead of time.

They have a free 14-day trial we suggest you try out here.

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