Episode 22: Creating Content for Social Media

This episode is a training for those of you new and seasoned entrepreneurs who want to re-examine and re-commit to your online presence.

Other episodes that would be good to listen alongside are Episode #: 12 Launching a Website in 5 Steps and Episode 20: Being Seen.

This week's episode picks up where we left off last week talking about motivation and momentum. For #liveblacksheep, 2017 is the year of striving for consistent communication across our channels and maintaining that momentum.

Topics we explore include:

  • Choosing a platform the best services your voice + style
  • Understanding how you best produce content
  • Choosing your content focus areas

Coaching Corner: The Black Sheep Ask Challenge is here!

In last week's episode we introduced you to a TED Talk: What I Learned from 100 Days of RejectionThis week we are officially kicking off our #BlackSheepAsk Challenge. Until Feb 15th we can use #blacksheepask to share our about our asks, no matter how big or small. From Jes, "I plan to start with smaller asks and build from there. I feel both exhilarated and scared! All the more reason to do this!"

Will you join?

Follow us #blacksheepask and join the tribe in the Black Sheep Society our free FB group where we will share behind the scenes from our asks!

Tools + Tech + Programs we love!

A new feature of our weekly newsletter will be a feature on a program, software or tech tool we love that we think you should be aware of as well.

As this week we are focused on social media we are featuring Coschedule our all-in-one content marketing editorial calendar solution. Why we love it?

  • Create one social media campaign across all your channels at one time?!
  • Month a glance to visually see the communication with your audience
  • One step connecting to all our social channels for the non techy black sheep

They have a free 14 day trial we suggest you try out.

" I love Google Calendar and planning in advance. I am also visual and seeing the week or month laid out helps me manage my time + stress.With Coschedule I get the same visual of my month filled with my batched content. It literally provides me with a sense of joy and calm when I can see my content laid out for me." - Nicole

Enter one of her new favorite tools - CoSchedule,

Other social media planning software we mentioned - 

Design Related Apps/Software:

Also check out JPDStudio.com