Episode 24: Investing in Ourselves

This week Nicole and Jes keep it light in a fun discussion on ways we can take care of our external selves that serve to support our internal workings (you know feelings, emotions etc :) and yes we talk about money!!

Topics discussed:

  • The use of color to support us to feel different
  • Smartly investing in ourselves even when times are lean
  • Our personal brand is a part of what we are selling and what we communicate externally has implications
  • Becoming aware of the things we have surrounded ourselves with and around how they are impacting how we feel inside
  • The power of owning the energy you want for the day - both negative and positive through our personal branding
  • Making smart purchases

What do you love to invest in? Let us know @liveblacksheep or in the Black Sheep Society our community group.

Resources mentioned in this episode include:

WildFang.com http://www.wildfang.com/

Kiran Ghandi - The Future is Female shirt