Episode 28: The Break Up

This week we break the news - we are breaking up! Jes is going to be stepping down from the Black Sheep Podcast and the Live Black Sheep brand. 

We know, we know...shocking!  But it's all love and all good. Tune in to hear our candid conversation where we process this decision together for the first time since we made the decision with love and grace. 

Upmost was our commitment to maintaining our friendship and staying in integrity.

We came to this decision in late January as it became clear that at this point Jes doesn't have the time to devote to the podcast. We then went through the process of working through the logistics mainly over email. This chat is our first time we got on the phone since that call to discuss and process the end of our partnership.

This episode is a great one for anyone curious about what it is like to partner with grace and integrity even when it doesn't work out.

  • We cover lessons learned...partnership agreement early on. Hello...yeah that would be very helpful to have had early on. Especially if money is being paid out and/or shared assets are being created.
  • We talk about getting clear...are you partnering on a business or a project? Our lack of clarity created a space for uncertainty and resentment to build.

Although it is sad - we are filled with gratitude for the journey and time together and the ability to end this part of our relationship and maintaining our friendship. 

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