Episode 32: Women Designed + Manufactured w/ Dara Elliott


This chat was super insightful and inspiring. Dara is the founder of Brevity Brand which is launching its first piece of apparel the Do Anything Jacket. 

In this episode we talk about:

  • The process of designing and producing a piece of apparel
  • Her drive for creating a social enterprise 
  • The importance of getting away from the computer + email and just going out and meeting people. She started showing up at factories and meeting with pattern makers at as a result was able to move faster on getting her jacket designed.
  • Going in person to the factories also opened her eyes to the huge disparity of women owned vs male owned manufacturing plants
  • Launching a successful KickStarter campaign - we go behind the scenes with step by steps to ensure your campaign is successful
  • Ignoring naysayers! Going against the grain and trusting your gut - all the established fashion experts advised her against Kickstarter and told her she can't build a brand or launch a sustainable biz on Kickstarter but trusting her gut that this wasn't true she meet with newer brand owners who supported her vision stating many had regrets on not doing it 
  • What Dara learned about entrepreneurship from watching her immigrant parents run a donut shop waking up at midnight everyday.
  • Why she feels so passionate about women owned factories producing her work, in the USA and only using vegan materials.

Resources mentioned in this episode include:

Get your Do Anything Jacket at https://brevitybrand.com/

And connect online at https://instagram.com/brevitybrand and @BrevityBrand

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