Episode 31: Unpacking Latino w/ Lupita Santana


This week Nicole brought Lupita Santana her online buddy for a friendly jam on the way we experience being Latinas. The idea for this conversation came when Nicole learned that like her, Lupita was married to someone from a different Latino culture, and was now living in her husband's native country.  Having spent time living abroad in a Latin country Nicole was curious about Lupita's experience being an 'Latina expat' in a Latino country

Please note, there may be some points of views expressed that some people may not agree with as we are speaking from our POV and perspective.  As always, all feedback is welcomed.

Lupita, originally from Arizona, is Mexican-American and she lives in the Dominican Republic with her husband, son and their dog. She and her husband, who hails from Santa Domingo, have been married for two years. She is an entrepreneur, currently working as a VA, however she's transitioning more into Project Management and into the Online Business Manager side of things. Lupita finds great joy in doing anything which involves planning and organizing. Listen in and find out more about Lupita, her work and how her Latino background forms an integral part of her cultural identity .

On this week's show, Lupita talks about:

   •     How she and her husband met and ended up living in the Dominican Republic.

   •     Her background.

   •     The confusion about her identity, as either American or Mexican, depending on where she lives.

   •     What it's like being married to someone who has a different cultural heritage to your own.

   •     How her Spanish has changed since she's been living in the Dominican Republic.

   •     The difference between women in the Dominican Republic and those in Mexico.

   •     How she values herself so much more, as a woman, since living in the Dominican Republic.

   •     The food from DR that she loves the most!

   •     Being raised in a different culture to that of your parents.

   •     How Lupita used therapy to accept her identity.

   •     What she came to realize through marriage therapy.

   •     The differences that she sees in the Dominican, Mexican and American people and how she believes that it's possible for someone to incorporate the best of all of them.

   •     What her family thinks of the work that she does.

   •     Her husband's new career and how the change affected his family.

   •     What she does to help her and her husband's families to accept their online work.

   •     Her husband's supportive attitude towards her work and her personal growth.

   •     How, as women, we tend to put unnecessary pressure on ourselves.

To contact Lupita:

Lupita's website: www.lupitasantana.com

Lupita on Facebook: Lupita Santana

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