Episode 35: Better Health with Victoria Akkari

Victoria's company (and her passion) is called Victoria Akkari Organic Culinary Oil. She works with a Women's Cooperative Aberdare, in the South Western region of Morocco. There, the women make the culinary Argan Oil by hand, in the ancient, traditional way. This is what Victoria imports and she does the bottling and the labelling in Long Island. Victoria has a passion for this and she has many wonderful ideas for the future, to expand and incorporate working with other Moroccan cooperatives. Listen in to find out more about Victoria and the benefits of edible Argan Oil.

Today, Victoria and Nicole discuss:

   •     The difference between edible and non-edible Argan Oil.

   •     The importance of knowing where what we eat or put on our bodies comes from.

   •     How Victoria came to find herself creating a company based around Argan Oil and supporting Women's Cooperatives in Morocco.

   •     Victoria's background, growing up.

   •     What Victoria had to do, in order to import a food product from Morocco.

   •     How Victoria found her commercial kitchen in Long Island.

   •     How Victoria started her business while she was still employed in a job.

   •     How and where Victoria sells her products.

   •     How Victoria got to sell her products at ABC Carpet.

   •     The properties and benefits of Argan Oil and how to cook with it.

   •     The Argan Tree and it's fruit that produces the oil.

   •     Victoria describes the labour intensive job of extracting the Argan Oil.

   •     Victoria explains what a women's cooperative is and how it works.

   •     How Victoria found the Women's Cooperative that she works with currently.

   •     Why fair trade is even more important than organic.

   •     Some great ways to eat and cook with Argan Oil.


Victoria Akkari can be found across all the social media platforms.

Victoria's website:www.victoriaakkari.com -to buy Argan Oil from Victoria online

Argan Oil can also be bought from ABC Carpet and Home in NYC