Episode 34: Listening to Intuition w/ Tanya Brown

If you would like to know what it's like to have psychic abilities, or how a person gifted with clairvoyance or clairsentience uses those talents to help people, listen in and find out, as Nicole's psychic guest, Tanya Brown, shares her story, on this week's show.

Tanya, who comes from New Jersey, is psychic, clairvoyant and she's also a business coach. Tanya describes her psychic ability as being like having someone whispering the answer to a question in her ear. She explains clairvoyance by saying that her guides give her information, in the form of pictures, which she can 'see' when she closes her eyes. She's also clairsentient, which means that she can feel what her clients are feeling, either emotionally, or physically. Tanya's journey so far has been really fun and interesting. Join her and Nicole this week's show to find out more about her and about how she uses her gifts to help her clients with their lives and in their businesses.

Today, Tanya talks to Nicole about:

   •     How her gifts developed in stages and how she learned to work with them.

   •     How she came to realize that her grandmother was her Spirit Guide.

   •     The ad that she put on Craig's list to do free Tarot readings and what happenedas a result.

   •     How she initially put her abilities down to luck.

   •     The prophetic dreams that she's had.

   •     How she describes her sense of really knowing.

   •     How her Guides urge her, in loud voices, her to do as they recommend.

   •     How the information comes to her in various ways.

   •     How channeling gives her a nauseous feeling.

   •     Nicole explains how you, as a listener, can benefit from hearing Tanya's story.

   •     How Tanya's participating in a Brian Weiss Event worked as a catalyst for awakening her to her abilities.

   •     What Past Life Regression is all about.

   •     What she experienced during some of her Past Life Regressions.

   •     How Tanya's family accepts her gifts and abilities.

   •     How her clients find her.

   •     Why she prefers working with people that she's never met before.

   •     Why it takes more energy for her to work with people that she knows well.

   •     How her journey has brought her to the full realization of who and what she really is today.

   •     How she feels after she's done a reading.

   •     Why people tend to contact her, either regarding their businesses, or for themselves, personally.

   •     That she is more afraid of not doing, than doing- and how that really works in her life.

   •     Nicole talks about Tanya's courage and confidence in doing what she does.


Tanya's website: www.laurenstjulian.com

Tanya Brown on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest


Book: Many Lives Many Masters by Brian Weiss.