Episode 36:The Take Over with Dani Dares

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The Black Sheep Podcast is BAAACK!

In this episode you will head from Nicole on what caused the long delay in between seasons, what to expect in upcoming seasons of the podcast and how to get your initiatives, products and services in front of our audience.

This episode is an interview by past guest Danielle Fontus who is back to interview Nicole.  This episode kicks off the “Take Over Season” where Nicole invited Danielle to take over the mic for honest chats with women who are daring to live life on their terms as a Black Sheep.

In this episode we will learn:

What has happened since last season? Nicole had baby # 2 and alot of work come her way at the same time and the impact of both these on her, her family and health. Including the low moments - “I’m failing” and high moments “im living and doing work that matters”

  • Her plans for the future of the podcast and ways to continue to support WOC.

  • How time is the most valuable currency in her home

  • Why she and Danielle are really owning not having a business and being freelancers.

  • Reacting vs responding to life’s challenges

  • Hard chats around gender norms with her husband. Deep work; money work, valuing her worth.

  • Creating an entrepreneurial life.

  • Nicole’s aspiration?  Creating a WOC Podcaster Network.


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