Episode 37: Daring through Celibacy with Bernice Wooden


This episode is part of a series in the Take Over Season where speaker, host and adventure creator Danielle Fontus took over the podcast for chats about living a daring life.

We are chatting with Bernice Wooden - entrepreneur & educator, who has been in the entertainment business for 10 years. She started her own production company, Be Nice Productions, which includes videography, photography and workshops. Bernice has recently written a book How to Get a Degree in Celibacy: 10 Steps to Keeping Your Lips Closed, where she is sharing with the world about her sex life,or lack thereof.

In this conversation, we learn about Bernice's journey to where she is today in her career. She shares about the unique challenges she faced and how she overcame them and the lessons she learned from them.

In this candidly, juicy and intimate interview, Bernice dares to share:

  • what makes her uncomfortable to this day & how she approaches those uncomfortable situations

  • an emotional failure and the wins that also came with it

  • some of the excuses she's used that have limited her (which she has since overcome)

  • a private detail she hasn't shared with anyone else

In this episode, we get to hear from Bernice about:

  • growing up in Brooklyn

  • how she found her boldness

  • who she's interviewed on the red carpet

  • when she realized she was a Black Sheep

  • her experience with her unique ethnic background & what unique challenges came from that

  • all the things she thought she was going to be when she grew up

  • the jobs shes had along the way &  the lessons she’s learned and prepared her for where she is now

  • how she started in her current field - her first production job

  • her networking tips

Bernice has created her own adventure with her celibacy journey AND deciding to share it publicly with her book. We get rich insight from Bernice's experience, including:

  • how she decided to be celibate & the struggle

  • what supported her during the process

  • what she has discovered through the process (in her friendships, in her body, in her relationships)

  • the surprising reactions she heard when sharing with others (men versus women)

  • some of her temptations and how she dealt with them

  • the interesting way she got the title of her book

  • tips for anyone considering their own journey

We learn a few fun things about Bernice like:

  • her superpower

  • a random job would she do for a day

  • one of her proudest moments

So where we can find her and stay up to date on all that she is up to?

www.bernicewooden.com (You can pre-order her book here.)

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