Episode 38: Daring to Go Deep with Tatiana Dellepiane


Dani is going deep with Tatiana Dellepiane - a sex and relationship expert and tantra teacher. She helps women connect to their sensuality, which she believes is our superpower.

She works with them through movements and their body to break through from shame and reach their full potential out in the world. It is her mission and her work to help women remember who they truly are.

Her journey started as she was seeking healing in her own life. During a time when she felt stuck and was experiencing pain, she found a teacher who opened up her eyes to work that used movement to help women heal their own trauma.

Having experienced abuse and trauma throughout her life, which she coped with by dismissing, Tatiana reached a point in her life, when she realized true, deep healing was necessary for her to move on. Following her own self love and spiritual journey, she went deeper which not only granted her healing but also helped her discover the work that she wanted to do for other women.

Tatiana has grown to know an intense life and existence, which has equipped her for the depth and capacity of the work she is doing with her clients. She is one to break taboo and play in the spaces in our lives that we often avoid or neglect.

In this conversation, we go deep and get messy, touching on what happens when spirituality, religion, culture, family, sex, sensuality, all collide. We hear about Tatiana's personal experience of sorting through these things, how she has grown from this work and how she helps her clients do the same,.

To learn more about Tatiana and her work, connect with her on:

Her website:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thelovegypsy

Twitter: https://twitter.com/thelovegypsy

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thelovegypsy

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