Focus your energy + efforts so you can get more done with less stress.


See here's the thing..

You are a kick-ass woman of color.

Fierce, bold and brave.

You get up each day and face a world that doesn’t always support you.

Doesn’t always seem to have your back.

In fact, fuck let’s be honest, it can often feel like the deck is stacked against you. 

I know. I get it.

 I deal with the same feelings and struggles. All us #WOC do. Yet it doesn’t stop us. We still dream, we still plan. You know what you want to launch into the world. Sure it could use some fine tuning and a bit of clarity. But you know if you put your mind and time to it, it will happen.

It’s just a matter of WHEN + HOW.

It’s a question of whether the journey to DONE + COMPLETE will be easy or a struggle?

But what if you had someone at your back whose sole focus was to make it just a bit easier for your?

  • What if instead of spending your precious time figuring out what to do first you had someone tell you?

  • What if you could talk about everything you want to create and launch into the world someone with a degree in execution, planning and management who created an action plan with steps to take FOR YOU and kept you ACCOUNTABLE to YOUR PLAN?!!!!

….And what if you didn’t need to break that bank to access this goodness?

Are you with me? Excited? I know!  

Why? Because if you’re honest with me, after talking to your bestie, posting in FB groups and creating a two page to do list you’re still a bit stuck and you know you need more.

  • I know you’ve searched for a coach or course to buy  

  • Something to help make this process just a TAD BIT EASIER!

  • To not feel so alone on the journey.  But something kept you from purchasing.


Mission Accomplishedjpg.jpg

You know what the problem is?

TRUTH TIME: You don’t need to spend 5k to follow a process that works for everybody.

You are unique. So is your life. So are your needs. You need something custom designed for you because let’s be real. What you go through is not the same as what they go through every day.

Still with me? If you are still reading you GET IT! You know IT’S TRUE!

Except for one little problem. How much will this cost? Because you have bills to pay, families to support and hustles to invest in. 

I get it. So here is the good news!

CLARITY, FOCUS and DIRECTION does not need to cost you a month’s rent. It can happen as fast or as slow as you want without breaking the bank, cause you don’t have money or time to waste. Life it hard enough. Let’s not make it harder by not following through on your dreams.

Whew? Right?

Because the truth is, the world needs more of us - women of color - out there, happy, successful and living out loud.  

So are you ready to join forces and get the support you need to design the next phase of your badass life?


Yes? Then let’s get to work!

#WOC having fun

Here is how I roll!

Our work together

  • I send you your pre work where you dump as much info as you can for me to filter through.

  • We meet for a 2 hour Action Session to deep dive into YOU, your work, your biz, your life. Whatever area of your life you want to focus on and move things forward.

  • I go back and write up all the notes and create a custom Plan of Action and homework for you to get moving.

Now here is where is gets special… because YOU are UNIQUE, and how I work with YOU must also be that freakin special.

This is not a cookie cutter one size fits all coaching package.

I let YOU decide how YOU are best are supported by ME.  You CUSTOMIZE the follow up format that best suits YOUR needs/life/schedule to receive ACCOUNTABILITY from me to keep you focused and on task.


Strategy Session Bundles can be purchased at three levels ---

Level 1: Two 1 hour Action Sessions (to be used within 2 months) for the woman who just needs to check in here + there with a quick question

Level 2: Four 1 hour Action Sessions (to be used within 3 months) for the woman who benefits from focused time to review and strategize what comes next, but not too often

Level (3): Ten 1 Hour Action Sessions (to be used within six months) for the woman who is making big moves and knows that continuous accountability is key for her success


Regardless of what level you purchase, based on the nature of your focus we will customize a schedule JUST FOR YOU.


You will leave me with these deliverables (I love that word I know it’s kinda corporate but I love it!)

  • Pre-work: There is a bit of work to start. You need about 45 minutes to 1 hour in honesty to complete it. In doing so you energetically commit to our work and the time and financial investment you are making in this process. While this helps me, it also allows you to reflect on where you started at the end of our time together

  • After our initial deep dive call I send you a done for you custom – Plan of Action – it will include notes from our call and homework.

  • During our work together together should our work require me to review, edit, proof etc. something you are creating, I will create a folder in DropBox* or GoogleDrive* for you to use to share with me. *Depends on the nature of the files.

 The bonuses!

  • Access to my network as needed [this is gold as I have contacts across a wide range of industries and countries]

  • My weekly podcast for WOC offers FREE trainings and inspiration

  • My free monthly Buy Brown Guide highlights WOC entrepreneurs

  • [COMING SOON] My free Go Brown Girl Go Guide and Shop Page highlighting all my recommended coaches, strategists, tools and software to support your goals

  • My private FB group for WOC


The total cost for absolute clarity, focus and feeling like a kick ass #WOC ready to unleash her super powers to the world?  


2 Hour Action Session: $295

PLUS YOUR SELF SELECTED Bundles of Action Sessions - and listen if the above two hours feels good enough for now GREAT! Bundles can be purchased at anytime. 

Level 1 - Two 1 hour Action Sessions (to be used within 2 months) $300

Level 2 - Four 1 hour Action Sessions (to be used within 3 months) $600

Level 3* - Ten 1 Hour Action Sessions (to be used within six months) $1,250

(*package discount; payment plans available at this level)


Part coaching, part consulting, I really get in there with YOU to iron out the details, proof the emails, strategize the next six months of your life get the idea!

Because you know, with the right support - anything is possible.  

Nicole Letelier

And who am I?

Nicole Letelier...the midwife to your dreams!

I am into the woo woo.

I like to talk about the energy of things but…

But I also believe in making smart, calculated, strategic moves and decisions.

I am the tough love coach. I am going to kept it real with you but…

I believe in the power of crying to release and grow so if we go there I will help you through that moment as well with genuine love.

I am an honest consultant that will give you real feedback on what I think even when I know you may not agree but need to hear what I have to say.

My training is a mix of life coaching, positive psychology, and change management. I have a masters in change management, a certificate in positive psychology and ten years of experience coaching and mentoring.

If this sounds like we might be a good match, schedule a time to chat with me, no strings attached. Just making sure we vibe, because without a vibe there is nothing.